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6’2”, Blue eyes, Brown-blonde hair

Degree: BA Theatre Arts CSULB

Location: New York, NY

Willing to travel


Billy in Motion         Supporting     Maury Shessel

The Last Supper      Lead             Sonoh Kim

First Date                Lead            Marcos Nieves


The Nightman Cometh                Mac                         Tony Patryn

A Sketch of New York                 Artist, Various           Joe Dinozzi

Great Scott!                              Marty Mcfly               Aliza Shane

Starf*ckers                               Nicholas Cage Fan     Aliza Shane

Fragile Thing Cracks                  Jeff, Various              Karen Wray

The Harry and Sam Dialogues      Sam                         Matthew Fauls    Hollywood Fringe Festival

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor           Monster                    David Wally

Training & Workshops

Formal - California State University of Long Beach BA Theatre Arts


Acting - Deb Radloff, Josh Nathan, Anna Steers, Anne D'Zmura

Vocal- Rebecca Blinder (ongoing)

Voice and Speech - Amy CHaffee, Anne Schilling

Dance - Heather Glabe, Perry Guerrero

2010 - present
2010 - present
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